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Each shed type has its own set of design features and practicalities. If you`re unsure which type is best suited for your needs, you can give us a
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Find Out Your Delivery Cost First | Miles X Rate First Number Is Always The Width!
  • Sheds 6' Wide To 8' Wide - Calculate $4.50 A Mile One Way
  • Sheds 10' Wide To 12' Wide - Calculate $5.00 A Mile One Way
  • Sheds 14' Wide - Calculate $6.50 A Mile One Way
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Sheds Are Built To Order - Price Listed Fully AssembledWait Time Varies From 8-10 Weeks

Sheds Are Available As Shed Prefab Kit - You Assemble Same Cost - Have Us Build It On-Site For You Add Approx 30% Wait Time Varies From 11-12 Weeks

Mileage Charge Depends on Size & Model And Starts At $4.00 Mile One Way - Higher & Wider Models Up To $9.00 A Mile. Sometimes We Can Combine Loads With Other Customers And Save You Money - Call (610)-857-2170 Calculate Your Delivery Cost Here

Example 25 Miles Away - @$4.00 A Mile One Way - Delivery Charge $100.00
50 Miles Away - @$4.00 A Mile One Way - Delivery Charge $200.00

14' Wide Delivery Charge Add $2.00 A Mile One Way

Delivery Charge Long Island New York Approximately $9.00 - $12.00 A Mile One Way

We deliver to the following states
  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Delaware