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At Waterloo Structures, we utilize our years of building experience to construct pre-assembled outdoor portable storage buildings in almost unlimited shed sizes from 6X8 to 14X40 for your storage needs. We build mainly wood & vinyl exterior manufactured sheds and custom lawn structures for our customers in Pennsylvania - New Jersey - Maryland - Delaware. Also offer all models in prefab - build on site - optional lofts - ramps - stone pads. Offering our clientele with the expert proficiency needed to generate an ideally tailored completed product. Compare our building versus our competitors - Lancaster Sheds - Stoltzfus Structures - Sheds Unlimited - Lapp Structures - Better Pricing - Same Quality!

Quality Sheds - Built To Last - Direct To Customer

We believe in three things. That your structure should last your lifetime, it should be highly functional, and it should be aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. So we build using time-tested Amish Shed Designs that guarantee all three. Come have a look at our structures that will meet your exact requirements and unlimited options. And remember, we custom build so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Worth Paying For?

Metal or plastic sheds may be cheaper, but plastic is weak and steel is subject to rust, and aluminum simply lacks any visual appeal. The Amish designs and wood materials that we use here at Waterloo Structures have decades of success to vouch for their quality. You’ll find that our prices are competitive within our industry for the lifetime of value you receive in return.

What you need to know!

Basic Shed Styles

These models have the same sturdy quality as our upgraded sheds, features are less in the looks department.

In comparison, our Basic Sheds have the same storage space, less gable overhangs, and a less grander design that will light up the attractiveness of your property. Choose from seven styles, in both wood and vinyl.

Like all of our storage options, you have a wide variety of choices for customization available to you so you can get exactly what you are looking for.

Upgraded Shed Styles

Our Upgraded Shed models are an upgrade from our Basic Sheds. They have the same durable quality, but are prettier in the appearances department.

With our Upgraded models, you get to select from more styles in both wood and vinyl exteriors, broader overhangs, larger windows, superior doors, as well as a grander design that will add to the visual appeal of your property.

Our Storage Sheds are wonderful for concealing your unsightly necessities as well as maintaining a yard that looks amazing at all times. Customizable for your specific tastes so you get only the best.

Easy Delivery & Payment Choices

An option for everyone. If you cannot afford to make an immediate payment to purchase your shed outright, we offer a Rent To Own installment option. Also offer Financing. We want to make ourselves accessible to everyone and this alternative will help you do just that. Rent To Own - Not Available In New Jersey.

Our advanced Shed Mule delivery technology allows us to access hard to reach areas without causing damage to delicate lawns.

If, for some reason, we cannot deliver a prefabricated storage structure to your site due to obstructions, we can send over our team of experts to build a structure from scratch on your prepared land.

How To Get Started

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We're with you every step of the way. The staff here at Waterloo Structures has a shared enthusiasm for helping our customers discover the attributes of a well-designed storage shed. You can rely on our wealth of experience to help you design and configure a shed suited to your storage needs and style requirements.

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